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Would you ask your doctor to be your accountant

or employ a plumber to repair your TV?

In a similar way, many people on the autism spectrum are better suited to certain positions than others.

Employees on the spectrum are more common than you may imagine. You probably already have a few employees that have autism without you being aware – and even they may not be aware of their condition.

It may be the chap you always turn to solve a software problem because “he always seems to spot the anomalies first” or the lady in logistics who “simply doesn’t make mistakes but always averts her eyes”.

So, if you need someone who can concentrate deeply for longer than average periods of time, persevere when it comes to repetitive tasks or actions, recognise patterns, spot deviance in data, information and systems, pay outstanding attention to detail and optimise processes…


About Us

Who We Are

AuTC is here to help you get the most from your employees with autism and guide you through recruiting them.

We work with employers to help with recruitment and retention of workers with autism.

One of our specialists will discuss any issues with you, such as expectations of the role, social interactions, communication with others, flexibility and any sensory issues of the employee. We undertake an audit of your workplace environment which will help identify what can be adapted to ensure your employee can work successfully as a member of your team.

We may also work with your employee to develop strategies to help them better perform in the workplace. A workplace assessment and a written report will help you to identify what adaptations can be made to ensure your employee is reaching their full potential and advise on management techniques and ways to communicate effectively.


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Our Team

We are experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in educating and training for Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

Joanna Poole Lead Consultant

Joanna is a Specialist supporting people on the Autistic Spectrum.

Joanna was born and raised in Bedford, the daughter of well regarded educators. Several close family members are on the Spectrum, so she has a good understanding of the joys and challenges of living with, and providing workable strategies for, autistic loved ones.

    Ruth Moore Lead Consultant

    Ruth has a particular interest in the identification of sensory issues and how they can manifest themselves in different environments.

    She trained at Westminster College, Oxford and has a post graduate certificate in Educating Pupils on the Autistic Spectrum.

    Clare Hill Consultant

    Claire Hill lives in St Albans with her family. She has a particular interest in managing anxiety issues in people on the Autism Spectrum and has twenty years’ experience.

    Liz Inglis Consultant

    After completing a degree in French and German Interpreting and Translating Liz worked in international banking for 15 years and it was whilst working in the bank’s Human Resources Department that she developed a strong interest in people, development and training.