Ruth Moore

ruthRuth Moore is a Principal Trainer.

Ruth trained at Westminster College, Oxford in Primary Education and has a Certificate in Professional Studies in Education – Educating Pupils on the Autistic Spectrum, Warwick University.

Prior to teaching, Ruth worked for the NHS and Marks and Spencer. She has worked in a variety of teaching environments, including specialist autism provision.

When a Deputy Headteacher and departmental lead, her goal was to create the right conditions for pupils and staff to achieve their best.

Ruth has a particular interest in the identification of sensory issues and how they can manifest themselves in different environments for people with autism.

Ruth was a licensed PIVATS trainer (Performance Indicators in Value Added Target Setting). PIVATS supports planning, teaching and assessment for pupils with learning difficulties. She has achieved a Level 3 certificate ‘Taking a Lead in Autism’ from the Autism Education Trust (AET). Ruth also holds the NAS qualification to support adults on the spectrum.