entrepreneur-593358_1920Transition between office sites, roles and hierarchy are significant events that may need careful support.

We support the key people involved in a transfer to communicate effectively. We use a person centred approach to manage change by using visual tools, such as social scripts, which smooth the transition and minimises anxiety. We can provide a sensory audit of the new setting to help staff understand and use individual support strategies for the employee that lead to a successful transfer.

The key to success is to plan early and ensure that the process of change is flexible and personalised to meet the individual’s needs. This helps the employee feel they remain in control of their life and therefore able to achieve the desired outcome.

A positive transition will allow for:

  • understanding new routines and organisation
  • improvement of self esteem and the development of work relationships
  • settling successfully into the new environment with minimal anxiety

We can support an employee to learn the strategies which will aid them and the people around them to move through the change in their lives smoothly.

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